About us

About us

Know Pharmediq

Pharmediq was born with the firm purpose of offering comprehensive solutions within the pharmaceutical products sector.

Since our inception, we have had an experienced, trained team with a clear focus on satisfying the needs of our customers, offering quality products and service. We are a young, dynamic company, with the ability to adapt to the changing needs of the market and our customers. We always give a satisfactory response with quality and respecting the environment. We care about the well-being of our team and people.

The management has more than 20 years of professional experience in the health sector, especially in distribution, with extensive experience in fairs, congresses and sectoral meetings. This long history makes Pharmediq its main ally.

Welcome to Pharmediq, part of your team.

Mission, vision and values


Our mission is to distribute healthcare products, personal protective equipment and cosmetics in an efficient and quality manner.

  • We seek to be leaders in distribution, accompanying our clients in the long term, thanks to our stable and lasting relationships with manufacturers and suppliers.

  • We work with suppliers and clients in Europe, the United States and countries outside the European Union, continually looking for new lines of market and the expansion of our portfolio.

  • Quality in the service and delivery of our products.

  • Orientation towards the client and his needs.

  • Quick response to what the client demands.

  • After-sales service and fast management of your claims.

  • Loyalty of our suppliers.

  • Environmental respect in our efforts.

  • Energy efficiency and optimization of resources.

  • Teamwork.

  • Promotion of interdepartmental relations.

  • Respect and integration of people.

Countries where we work


We work with suppliers and clients in Europe, the United States and countries outside the European Union, always looking for new market lines and the expansion of our portfolio.

Our facilities

Strategic location

Located in the Argame Business Park, in Morcín, Asturias, Spain.

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