About us

Farmacéutica del Principado de Asturias SL is a company dedicated to the storage, distribution and commercialization  of  medical disposables veterinarian products , OTC products  cosmetics and perfumes  , nutrition and  small equipment among others.

With a young and dynamic spirit it initiated his activities in 2009, having on board  a team with and  extensive experience in the sector.

We have a suppliers’ wide network and an ideal infrastructure permitting to cover all the needs of our clients, establishing narrow relations with each of them. We believe that the success not only takes root in the knowledge of the markets in which we are present but also in having a great team of people who works with us to do that this is possible.

Our aims are in improving constantly and to demand ourselves every day a little bit more in order to be able to adapt and to offer always products with high quality.

Our best service: To look for any need that our customers can have inside our suppliers network  and offer a wide portfolio of products with a rapid delivery.